Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where I Am...

Well, the trip turned out to be a filled with lots of adventure, but not necessarily the good kind. I loved that I could hang out with my brother and cousins in LA, and get to know my nieces and nephews. And I can finally cross off that "go on a cruise" off my life to do list.

Unfortunatley, I developed a bad cough and congestion while in Southern California. The windy season started and I'm just not used to hot and dry weather. To make matters worse, most of the cruise was very UNsteady. We had a major storm warning the night of embarkment and had to go out to open water to avoid the storm, meaning that the Astoria layover was cancelled. Then nearing LA, the waters got choppy again. It's okay, I didnt get seasick. But it was not fun walking around the ship. And it wasn't pleasant for my brother who was in the cabin with me listening to me shout "Stop moving stop moving" to the ship every 30 minutes.

And to top it off... my knees started to buckle on me on the airplane on my trip home to Vancouver from LA. I had stepped off a 2-foot high curb in SoCal earlier that day, landing with my foot rocking onto my ankle. It was painful for a while, but I felt lucky that it was not a full-out sprain. Now perhaps the steps I took on the plane may have been a result of that.

Well I was brought out of the airplane on a wheelchair. Five hours later, I came out of the hospital on crutches. It was supposed to die down in a few days. But today, when my brother and I were moving the fridge and stove into the kitchen, I had another major buckle and my knee is back to being sore again. Doctor's visit will be early this week, you can count on it.

So to make a summary, I'm sick, I'm injured, I'm still recovering from the trip (I still have to unpack), and sitting here with my leg up to give my knee a rest.

While I was gone, my brother bought some temporary pendant lights ($15 each) to see how the kitchen would look like. Solomon installed the sink and the garburator that my brother bought and found a way to make the dishwasher fit the not-so-good space I was given for it. Other than that really there hasn't been much movement forward. But things are coming together.

  1. Baseboards
  2. Sealant on the grout
  3. Backsplash and magnet walls
  4. Lining all the cabinetry with cork (ooh can't wait to show you this!)
  5. washing all the cooking and eating items in the dishwasher before putting them away.
  6. transition strip between the kitchen floor and the rec room carpet.
  7. Finish sanding drywall and painting
The kitchen is roughly useable, but I have to be careful with where the water goes since the backsplash and caulking hasn't been done.

Sorry no pics this time... will resume that part next time.  :)

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