Thursday, November 8, 2012


My brother insists that the most sensible way to budget a kitchen renovation is to put the priority on quality appliances in the kitchen -- even if it means downgrading on the cabinets. I don't know how I feel about this yet, but I certainly have been educating myself on what kind of kitchen appliances are out there.

  1. Stand alone gas stove/oven
  2. Oven hood
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Dishwasher
This post will focus on my research of the current best refrigerators available for the modern kitchen. This is an example of how I am sifting through all of the review information online.

  • Freezer on the bottom
  • Water/Ice Dispenser
  • High Efficiency
  • Locally delivered
I checked out a few refrigerator reviews and comparisons and discovered that there are a lot of models that fit all of the above. So preference and price will likely guide my decision.

I started to sift through the many, many, MANY refrigerator reviews available on the internet. While there may be consistent brands that appear at the top of the various lists, the model numbers are rarely (if ever) the same from one review site to another. And as expected, the criteria by which each review is rated are all different. But most importantly for me to keep in mind is that the ratings while appearing to be scientifically tested are still subjective opinions at best. They are determined based on what the testers consider to be the standard norm for the majority of household users, abd the target audience for whom the review is intended. The criteria therefore, needs to match how I personally use a refrigerator since no one is completely "the norm."

I've narrowed my choices down, but have not made any absolute decisions to stay with these or even to choose one. But one thing I have noticed is the rise in recognition of quality found in Samsung appliances. Back in the day when I was a kid, Samsung was the "cheapy" version of the Sony stereo system. Now it's a leading manufacturer in appliances, and now manufactures the Maytag brand for Sears.

I saw a daytime show the other day that happened to be educating on the top refrigerators in the market, and even in that show, Samsung was showcased last with the most coveted properties including high efficiency and creative storage solutions.

Samsung RF217ACRS 19.7 cu ft. 3-door French Door Refrigerator

I think I will settle here for a while unless something else better comes along to catch my eye.

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