Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Ready to Disassemble the Cabinets

I need to say first and foremost, I'm so glad my brother knows a thing or two about house construction, and I probably don't give him enough credit for the information he provides.

He and I are getting ready to take down the cabinets in the kitchen this weekend. Which means I'm busy trying to remove pretty much everything in the kitchen. The refrigerator has already been moved into the rec room, and I laugh at how accessible the water is now to my desk! However, moving it was not easy to do. Even taking of the handles, my brother had to pretty much remove the entire doorframe to make it fit.

(yes that's the other original color of the wall.... mint green... yuck.)

Microwave and toaster oven are out.

The next big move will be the stove. Then the rest we can throw in boxes.

Still dragging my heels on looking at puck light options. Anyone have puck lights in their kitchen under the cupboards? What's your opinion? Essential or luxury?

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