Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saving on Cabinetry

NOTE: I've decided I'm switch to the first-person since my brother is more of a consultant, and I am the decision maker! HAHA. The success or downfall of the project depends on me!


I have decided to go with Vancouver Cabinets. This is a downstairs kitchen, meant for tenants or a secondary kitchen for the rec room. And while it will serve as my main kitchen (the kitchen upstairs belongs to my brother), I know that investing into "dream layouts" is not the goal here. We want functional and affordable!

So I've decided to ditch the idea of a custom design, and go with standard-sized cabinetry, something like you would get from Ikea but with way way higher quality. Vancouver Cabinets provides cabinets at set-sizes which reduces the wait time for delivery, and brings the cost way way down. They also provides custom-cut granite and quartz countertops. They are a Chinese-based company which suggests that they are getting their items directly from China... removing the "middle man".

Going with set sizes doesn't mean I compromise on flexibility. They have designers who come and measure your kitchen and provide a layout for you with their specific cabinet sizes in mind. I am fortunate they have a location in North Vancouver. My designer's name is Jason and he's been extremely helpful in my decisions on which style to go with.

I am going with the espresso shaker cabinets. I didn't want to go too reddish brown. This more neutral brown and a neutral coloured countertop allows me to accent with kitchen accessories and countertop items. As well, this style that Vancouver Cabinets offers comes with soft close glides which is always nice for cutting down on bangs and crushed fingertips.

Quartz apparently has more durability than granite with less chances of chipping, and comes in a vastly higher number of colors and styles than granite (including granite like patterns). Repairing quartz can apparently come out "scar free" which saves from having to replace an entire counter because of one crack, like you would with granite.

I am going with the champagne beige quartz countertop. My screen makes it look way more yellow, but its a very soft beige in actuality.The shot to the left is upclose. But from afar, it looks almost like a solid colour.

Now comes the clincher! CHECK OUT MY SAVINGS!

     Custom designed cabinets and countertops:                    approx $15 grand
     Design using re-built cabinet, countertop and double sink: approx $6.5 grand

Yes, I gasped in amazement too when they gave me my final total. And ironically, with the new kitchen layout I'm going with (which I will show you later), I'm getting MORE cabinetry than what the designer attempted to provide!

With this savings of $8.5 grand, I get to entertain other feature options. And at the top of my list of "wants" is the heated tile flooring! I think it will be my new favorite room to hang out in. I mean, even when its blasting hot outside, it's ridiculously cold in this house, thanks to the amazing window treatments the previous owners installed, and the fact that we are located high on a mountain. Natural air-conditioning you say? Well yeah, except there's no way to turn it off when your shivering from the cold! LOL!

And when I find my folder of all my kitchen renovations (and my receipts), I'll be able to give you exact figures. WHERE THE HECK DID I PUT IT?!?!?!?!  (been looking for 3 days now)

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