Thursday, August 8, 2013

Budget So Far

So here I am with the budget:

TOTAL BUDGET AVAILABLE: $25,000.00 (aiming for $20K total)

Kitchen Magazines: $50.00
All Appliances from Red Door Warehouse*: $3136.00
Floor Tiles and Delta Faucet from Home Depot: $426.25
Cabinets, Counter, Sink from Vancouver Cabinets: $6006.02 ($3003.01 deposit paid)
Exterior Door from Coast Building Products: $564.48
Dumping Charges paid so far: $80
Construction Supplies Purchased so far from Home Depot: $233.38

Total Spent so far: $10,496.13

* Ooh!  I have to post about this! Amazing amazing deal!

We received a quote from our contract before we hired him, at around $2600. However, I expect this to rise a lot more.

Items still to purchase:
- Garburator
- Drop lights above the sink (at least two of them)
- Door handle and dead bolt for new door
- Heated mats for floor (approximate $1100)
- Additional supplies for flooring work

We will use some Benjamin Moore paint that we purchased when we first moved into the house. We calculated the amounts wrong and have way too much of one colour. Luckily, it's a great colour for the kitchen!

Stress Level (10 being the highest): around maybe 2! (yes, nothing is really phasing me at this point)

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