Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doing Up Drywall

The kitchen is starting to look like a room again, now that all the guts aren't sticking out... well most of it...

Here's the walls that we were worked on a few days ago:

You'll notice that there is one piece of drywall installed in the middle and then the top and bottom covered with cut drywall. This is so that the backsplash wall between the counter and upper cabinets won't have a seam there. The other wall didn't get the same treatment for some reason. Maybe it was an after-thought to change the arrangement of the drywall panels. 

My brother put together a drywall cover over the pipe valves so that if one day a plumber has to go in there, they won't have to rip the drywall down to take a look. Brilliant!

He also labeled all the outlets so there is no mistake what each outlet is for!

And this is another little brilliant addition. Just because it drives my brother crazy forgetting which switch operates the kitchen lights and which operates the garburator, he suggested making them two different colours! Can you guess which will be the garburator? *wink*

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