Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing with Piping

We had a pipe fitter come and do work on redirecting the plumbing lines to the new location of the sink. I admit, I didn't really listen as attentively about the entire piping issues. But I can share what I did get out of the discussion about this part of the project.

What I can say is that the amount of trouble-shooting during construction is a lot more than I expected. But it also looks like a lot of fun to try and use your creativity and knowledge of construction to figure out solutions.

So here's the dilemma with the piping. The width of the pipe was too big to simply drill holes into the existing 2x4 wall studs without compromising its strength to hold up the house. However it was important that we would be able to hide the piping inside the wall. Somehow we would have to widen the studs to ensure the drywall could cover up the piping. The solution was to nail an extra 3-inches of wood on each stud to make way for the pipe.

So the original wood wall studs were kept intact, and the new extension was nailed on, and then a piece removed to allow the pipe to go through. Brill!  :)

So the path of the main pipe to the sink goes something like this: 

With the pipe going through the cabinets. It means that a certain portion of the back of those bottom cabinets can't really be used, and that I will have avoid putting any kind of food items in there that are sensitive a cold or warm environment. I've seen a similar situation before in a condo I rented.

As well, there is a second smaller waterline that will be inside the wall that will go directly to the refrigerator to feed water for the ice-maker.

The pipe fitter however didn't attach the rest of the piping towards the sink. That apparently can be done later when the cabinets are installed. And so we have these pipes hanging out for now.

I guess I'll get to see how the piping gets finished later since my brother is the one who received instructions on how to finish it off. 

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