Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pondering Over Piping

I am grateful to our contractor who is working very closely with my brother to get the work done, and also working WITH my brother that gives him some hands-on experience.

What's really interesting so far, is how much trouble-shooting you end up doing while the construction is going on. There's so many topics to be discussed. And discussing over how to troubleshoot situations... is the expertise of the kids from this family. We can do it for hours on end far after others would get worn out from the topic.

The piping issue is an interesting one.

If you recall, I am planning to switch the position of the sink and the stove.

So now that we have had a chance to look behind the walls of the kitchen, we have the piping sticking out for under the sink like so:

Of course the piping will need be redirected towards where the sink will be. The thing is, how will we hide the piping? The logical thing would be to drill holes into the two-by-four beams in the wall like you would do for electrical wiring. But size needed for the pipes would compromise the strength of the wood beams. So the only logical solution is the run the pipe in front of the beams instead. then to hide the piping, we would add an extra 2x3 wood beam on top of the existing beams so that the wall would come out far enough for the drywall to cover up the piping.

The issue is that these are not custom designed cabinets. So according to the design we received from Vancouver Cabinets (which by the way, I received a copy yesterday from them by email!), you can see that in order to move the entire cabinetry 3 inches brings the fridge closer to the door frame. And it's already brutally close as it is.

Simple enough, we can always just move the door over by that much, and have it closer to the pantry.

The thing is that the measurements provided here are not final. Jason from Vancouver Cabinets will need to come a second time now that the demolition is complete, and measure the space more accurately. I will ask him if there is room to move about 3 inches down or not. If not... then we have a dilemma. 

I'm really expecting not much of an issue though. Jason has agreed to come some time today to do the final measurements.