Friday, August 2, 2013

Piano Cover Update

Well it's midnight and I just finished loading up the last of my pictures of the process I'm taking to make this cover for my grand piano.

As you can see, the width of the cloth is just short of the width of the piano which means I have to sew an extra piece to the end, and try to match up the pattern on the fabric as seamlessly as possible.

Unfortunately when i finish sewing that last end together the piece was definitely wide enough but not long enough. *sigh* It might mean another patch job, but lets see how the project unfolds later. Maybe I can find a trick around it.

Definitely measuring the pattern, pre-washing the fabric, pinning the cloth to the pattern, and cutting it, takes a very long time. In fact the actually sewing really doesn't take much time at all. So by this time, I feel like we are already half done this outer shell.

Next I cut out long pieces to sew on the sides. I made sure that the stripes were vertical, kind of an effect of the cover draping on the sides of the piano.

(as you can see, I'm no photographer. Every time I have a new picture of the fabric, the color changes. I'll be sure to get my brother to take a proper picture so you can see the accurate hue!)

That means more sewing since I would have to cut the fabric width-wise instead of doing the much easier lengthwise cut. It also means more pattern matching so that the stripes continue in a seamless manner. But its worth the extra effort. Hard to see the pattern in that sewing pic? It's because you sew with the right sides of the fabric together, so you are seeing the under side of the fabric. Yup! Makes matching those stripes up much more challenging. Get me my push pins!

JoJo the cat definitely couldn't resist playing around. She has a habit of finding anything cloth-like on any surface and falling asleep on it. Tonight, she's extra playful (cute but frustrating).

Sewing the sides to the top of the cover, was a cinche... since i did all this measuring and layout ahead of time. The work is paying off with very smooth effortless sewing.

So the sides are mostly sewn on now. Not a bad fit huh? And I made it extra long so I can adjust it later. The rule in sewing is... better longer than shorter. Because it's just easier to cut than to add. Case in point:

I still have no clever solution. Maybe I'll think of something brilliant tomorrow.

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