Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking for Lights

The chore of removing the linoleum glue from the floor continues. We are almost 50% done. But today is Sunday, aka "rest day" and so we will likely limit the amount of work we do today. Plus, my brother is out most of the day, and he does a lot of the work! HAHA!

I had a chance to look at pendant lamp choices to hang from the ceiling over the sink. The two lights will hang from the ceiling in these two spots:

I will buy two identical lamps. When looking at the kitchen from the rec room, these lamps will contribute in a huge way to the character and style of the kitchen, so the choice has to be consider function, design, and style.

This is probably the most creative decision I have had to make thus far in relation to this kitchen renovation. Color, yes, could be considered a creative decision but they are purposely a complimentary dark/light colour scheme in relatively neutral colors in order to serve as the background. What I place on the countertops and choose for other accessories (such as the lamp and the backsplash wall) will be the accents that will bring out my kitchen style.

The one that I want the most is this one with tiffany glass made by Quoizel:

Gotham Rod Hung Mini Pendant with 36 Pieces of Tiffany Glass, Vintage Bronze

Unfortunately, they are sold out, at least the ones listed in their Amazon store, and when I look for it elsewhere, they seem to all link back to amazon. If anyone has luck finding this, I would be sooo grateful!!!

But of course, there are others that are similar, and maybe even cheaper!

Espresso Brown cabinets and light champagne quartz counters. Makes me wonder if a more reddish brown would be better. And believe it or not, because these are cabinets that are at a set size and are housed in a warehouse, I have that freedom to change my choice of cabinets now! But must resist that urge. I shouldn't change the whole color scheme based on a lamp I can't even find!  Silly me!

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