Friday, August 16, 2013

Design Changes

So I finally got a chance to analyze carefully the design I received from Jason. Sounds strange, huh? That I'm check it out carefully so late in the process. Again, it's absolutely awesome that I can make changes and no one is inconvenienced.

The first change is the narrow cupboard to the left of the stove:

This is a two level pull-out spice rack.

Now I can totally understand the logic of placing a spice rack by the oven. But as I look over the plans more and more, I can see that my cabinet space is already limited. I've never been a fan of this type of cupboard. I find it mostly a waste of space. And for only two levels, putting spices in them means only using about half of the available space inside.

However, changing it allows me to have one feature that I desperately want: a narrow base cupboard for my cutting boards. So I have asked to have this changed to a simple one door cupboard with no shelving. Or maybe i can have shelving and have more than one size cutting board on the two levels... we'll see! 

The second change is a little more drastic.

I have decided that I not only want to change the refrigerator I bought, but that I need to. For me, the #1 reason to go to the fridge is to get a fresh cup of water. In fact, I can estimate that 50% of the trips I make to the refrigerator is for the purpose alone.

At the beginning when I was looking at refrigerators, I had four non-negotiable features that I wanted. Bottom freezer, energy efficient, delivered locally, and a water dispenser. Well you may recall that back in November 2012, I sacrificed the water dispenser because of the phenomenally great price on the package of samsung appliances.

But now, I'm feeling it's absence. Simply put, I want to have a continuous supply of drinking water. I don't want a cooler to waste more energy or encourage more commercially controlled water containers. I dont want to fumble 1-2 times a day with a brita container. A water dispensing fridge was to solve all of the water problems I have had before.

So I have decided I will change the refrigerator. I will stay with Samsung, but the fridge will end up being another 3 inches wider. So this means:

Yet again more narrow drawers and cupboard.  And since this is my only set of tiered doors, I have asked that Jason change the cupboard to the right of the stove to another set of tiered drawers.

I cannot WAIT until this kitchen is finished! Yes, it's not the ideal layout of the kitchen I always wanted, but it's certainly a really great first run at one!

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