Saturday, August 24, 2013

Considering Cork

Yes, my flooring discussions with my brother are still alive and well... unfortunately. We finally got a chance to go to CanCork in Richmond and met Stephanie, the salesperson there.

Let me say something about my brother being so involved in the project. There are times when I think he hasn't heard or considered all of the possibilities, and there are times when I'm so grateful he knows when enough is enough. When we went to check out heated floors, the moment he heard "not a primary heat source", he was done. Here at the cork store, he heard "must get the concrete tested for moisture or warranty is void" and he was like "ok we are done with cork flooring."

Well, I'm not completely done with cork. But I have decided not to go with a full cork flooring. The variety of colours of cork flooring is not expansive enough. Even when I found a colour that kind of matched the kitchen decor, the pattern didn't take too well to my taste. That swirly or patched look on the floor doesn't really fit my taste.

I have decided to go with cork underlay, which is inexpensive and still gives us all the great qualities of cork like sound absorption, insulation, resistance to mold, mildew and allergens, and and an eco-friendly option.

The tile has already been bought, and so even with my less than average impression of tile in the kitchen, I will do it for the sake of (1) not wasting more resources, and (2) sellable upgrade to the house with tile being a popular option for modern kitchens.

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