Monday, August 12, 2013

Final Kitchen Designs

So Jason from Vancouver Cabinets dropped by on Friday to take some final measurements of the space. It was at that time that I had to make a final decision about whether or not to get a raised bar on the peninsula or keep the height the same as the rest of the counter space. The advantage of raising it is that it will hide the sink and other "clutter" like dirty dishes from the view from the rec room.

The extra cost, however, is quite a bit higher since it requires a third slab of quartz countertop to be installed, as well as additional cabinetry.

This is our new bill from them:

This includes not only the addition of the raised bar, but also all the adjustments from the first estimate after the final measurements were taken. 

Our previous invoice looked like this:

You can see that the biggest change in prices are in the cabinetry and the additional quartz countertop needed. Ultimately, it's still an amazingly good deal. As well. the first was an estimate done at their office with a rough measurement of the room, showing where the door and window openings were. Naturally a more exact measurement as well as more precise decisions on the cabinetry will change the overall price. Even the number of handles needed went up from 21 to 26 pieces.

We have also pushed the installation date to September 9th to ensure that the floors are done in time. This gives us 4 more weeks to complete the project. Our contractor isn't available full time for this project, so we are lenient with time since there is no looming deadline over us.

So here's the final design plans we received from Jason!

By Wednesday, the drywall should be up, and it will actually start to look like a real room. Can't wait to show you the pictures!

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