Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Contractor is Here! \o/

The contractor has arrived!

He put up the plastic curtain to contain the dust. And I can hear him working hard back there.

The outer walls are having the drywall stripped off. The inner wall at the back of the stove and fridge is being demolished.

I already know that it will take a little longer than this one week. I had originally discussed putting in laminate flooring. But since then, I decided to go with porcelain tiling but didn't mention it to the contractor. The problem at the moment is that the floor is not perfectly flat. So he will need to use leveling cement to prepare the floor. Apparently, the floor underneath has to be perfectly flat to lay tile down.

He will put that in before the weekend so that it can set. Now the challenge is... how to keep the cats outta there. One already tried to bat down the plastic. And there's no doorway to shut to keep them out.

I have a feeling bedroom prison is coming for the two cats. *sigh*

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