Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Floor Plan

So here's what we are attempting to do:

1. Remove scrape off as much of the previous laminate adhesive from the concrete floor.

2. Clean the floor completely by wiping down and vacuuming twice. (yay! im finally useful!)

3. Prep the floor for the self-leveling cement.

4. Lay self-leveling cement for a flat surface since the east portion of our wall has a slight decline.

5. After dried, lay a vapour barrier.

6. Lay the cork underlayment.

7. Lay the mortar and tile.

8. Then its grouting and sealing.

I would imagine that it would be a little odd to install cabinets on top of tiled flooring with cork underlay. I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Jason. It certainly would be nice if we could lay the floor down before the cabinets came in.

It all sounds good in my head, after hours and hours of discussion with my brother and a variety of other salespeople and scouring the internet for as much information as I can.  Wish me luck!!

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