Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to Backsplash Ideas

Okay, so I came across this absolutely cool idea for a kitchen backsplash and it's really unique. But this is why it's exciting to have a place where you can do anything you want! (no more renting! yay!)

Browsing through more backsplash ideas on the internet I came across this idea:

It is a pinnable burlap backing in place of tile. This lets me tack up things like:
  • recipes I want to follow (away from the wet counter)
  • daily routine of cleaning or nutrition
  • reminders of things I need to do that day or week
  • notes to myself to remind me to be positive (doctor's orders!)
If you remember this picture:

My thoughts are to buy a stainless steel backsplash strip. I found some companies that sell 2'x10' for around $35 CAD. That's probably double the amount that I need. They also custom cut, so I can certainly ask them if I can half the piece. Even if I can't, $35 is a heck of a deal.

So now it was back to the internet to look for DIY designs on burlap pinboards.

A lot of site use a bulletin board as the backing and then fasten the sunken front with fabric tacks. But I'm looking for something where I could custom-make the size to fit exactly into my backsplash place.

Here's some ideas I found:

As the backing, tiffanylanehandmade uses a sound board that she bought from Home Depot. Beneathmyheart uses the foam insulation board, the same stuff my brother used over the cement foundation inside the walls. I'll have to check both of those next time I go to Home Depot to see which I prefer

I do like what beneathmyheart does in making a wood frame first and then affixing the foam insulation on top of it. This would allow me to do an exact measurement ahead of time of the space I am going to cover, as well as allow me to push it in place so that I can remove it when I want to replace the burlap. It also gives me an opportunity to change up the colour or design when I feel like it! I mean, maybe burlap isn't the only thing I want to use... though I suspect it would be the most stain proof from food splashes!

And guess what! I called up Burnaby Bag and Burlap Ltd. and the price the burlap is... wait for it.... $2/foot!!!!  I need probably around 10' so that's a considerable savings!! And the place I found sells to the public and there is no minimum charge!

It also means, I don't have to permanently plaster the vintage ceramic art piece that I ordered, and even have the option to change it if I want!  I will simply cut away a piece in the foam insulation to the size of the ceramic piece, and let it inset there on top of the burlap.

Yes, I think this is what I want! I'm excited!

The last thing I need to figure out is how I will have it stay up on the wall securely enough that I wont have to worry about it falling down after a year... hm.

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