Monday, September 9, 2013

Finishing the Faces and Floor

So I was not as involved or that interested in the inner workings of the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I know how incredibly important it is to get those things right before you close up the walls. But now we are at the "cosmetic" stage of the renovation, and so I'm all eyes and ears!

After attaching some outlets, I noticed that the ones on the north wall (where the door is) were so sunken in that the outlet plate couldn't even register their placement. So my brother did some screw loosening to get it to fit.

And this is what I saw:

Yeah, not such a pretty sight. Apparently he loosened the screw behind, but tightened the outer screw a little too much! As well, there were still left over bumps from the foam spray that my brother used to fill in the gaps.

So I pulled off the plate, found where the foam was sticking out past the surface of the wall and pinched some off. I had originally tried to just push the foam in hoping it was just condense but it eventually returned to its normal state. So taking some out was the only solution.  You can see some residue of the foam on the light switch itself. I had to clean all that off too.

It also clearly needed a patch up with some more drywall puddy. As well, we had other plates that were slightly taller than the original one and apparently, "unbreakable."

It was, at the time, still a couple days away from the cabinets being delivered, so I had time to fill, sand and paint this to perfection.

My brother also decided to go after the ceiling. He used the same scraper that we used for the linoleum glue to gently pull off all the popcorn spray off the ceiling.

Now I get to imagine what the ceiling will look like, including crown molding! The downside is, we kinda decided on this late, so we will have to do it after the kitchen is completed. Oh well.

Last night was the last day where we would have to do a final clean up of the construction in order to prepare the space for the installation of the cabinets. My brother sweeped up most of the particles on the floor from the ceiling and put away tools and materials.

I went in with a broom and a vacuum and started to clear the floor of dust and debris.

One day, I will have to share with you about the most amazing highlights of having a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. It really is, in my opinion, one of the best vacuums on the market. We are constantly surprised by how effective it is!

After this, I took the nozzle attachment and meticulously cleaned out all the crevices between the wall and the floor, and between the carpet and the concrete. There was tons to suck up! This is the last chance I would get to clear out those cracks, so I made sure I got every little piece out!

So here it is... late last night... the space where the kitchen will go!  Can you see it? :)

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