Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cork Underlayment

So now, I'll back track a bit to show you what onerous and tiresome work my brother and I have been doing the last week. It is time to put down the cork underlayment.

My brother and I had struggled over how to deal with the moisture barrier. In the end, we did notice that none was used previous to us, and yet the old linoleum seemed to hold up fine. So we decided to take Stephanie's advice at Cancork and use special fortified mortar that has some water sealant protection.

Honestly, as the renovation goes on and my brother and I get more tired, we are being less and less picky about things that would have mattered to us at the beginning.

OUR NEW MOTTO: "We'll fix it later with mortar." hehe

My brother drew these clever little lines in the mats so that when we pulled them up to mortar we would remember where they went. I'm sure glad I was addicted to puzzles as a kid... well still am, but that's a different story.

Had to make a little pathway so that we didn't dent the mortar underneath.

then we started laying out tile just to check out the configuration and get some of the cut tiles done right. The gap markers are not installed right in this picture. Originally I didn't like how wide the gaps were so we thought about using them this way instead. But in the end, we felt that there's a reason why the gap had to be larger and so we used them the proper way..

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