Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally the Flooring

So far to date, the biggest pain in the reno process was dealing with the floor. Albeit I'll say that we certainly didn't make it easy for ourselves. Going tile changed everything about the flooring, and I mean everything!

First it was pulling off the linoleum and scraping 30+ years and two layers of linoleum glue. (3-4 days)

Then it was experimenting for the first time with self-leveling cement (3 days) and then deciding we needed to do it again (another 3 days)

Then my brother and I went back and forth in our decision about what to do with the underlayment (ongoing!) and finally landed on using cork underlayment and hoping for the best. We acclimatized the cork and laid it with fortified mortar as the moisture barrier (4 days)

We started mortaring down the tiles, only to find that it is back breaking, messy work!

And then I brought out my anal side and started to measure the angled tiles for my brother to cut with the wet saw. Every couple of hours, my brain stops calculating numbers. It feels like Math finals all over again! aaaaaahhhh!!!!

(note to self, always take pictures with natural daylight... no more night pics)

My brother wants to mortar the remaining pieces of tile tonight to let it sit overnight. Then tomorrow we can grout the tile and allow it to be ready for Friday. Solomon will come tomorrow and install the sink and finish off the cosmetic construction.

My remaining homework:

1. Finish measuring the remaining tiles (about 10-12 more left to go)
2. Choose and buy a garburator.
3. Go shopping for pendant lights.
4. Pick up bar chairs (found some on Craigslist)

More details about these steps in following posts. Just wanted to catch you up on where we are in the reno.

My head and body are SO tired!

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