Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Next Update on Budget

So here's where we stand so far in our budget:

Still lookin good!

Things still left to purchase:

  1. Garburator
  2. two Pendant Lights
  3. Backsplash wall materials (stainless steel, burlap, frame and pinnable foam)
  4. Remaining contracting work (finishing walls and trim, and installing sink)

My brother has requested a turkey dinner as the inaugural feast cooked in the kitchen. I was thinking just ramen and rice. Let's see what we end up with!  

P.S.  If you are wondering what will happen to this blog after the renovation is over, I'll let you in on the plan. I will adjust the title of the blog, but the address will remain the same. I will blog about the features in the new kitchen, including new appliances and kitchen products that I purchase(d). As well, I hope to post some cooking tips and recipes,as I have always wanted to do. Maybe I'll throw in some tips for living and eating healthy, something that I need to get back on board with now that the major trauma in my life is slowly coming to an end. Our family grew up with a Mom who was fierce about nutrition and whole/healthy foods. Can't stop being my mother's daughter! Time to remove this depression weight and get back to real life!

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