Monday, September 9, 2013

The Cabinets Are Installed!

Wow, my kitchen is finally starting to look like a kitchen!
My brother couldn't resist so he put some spare gypsum on top so he could see what it would look like with light counters. Not bad I say!

People came to deliver the cabinets in the morning. The cabinets stayed waiting for the installation team to arrive later this afternoon.

The installation team came around 2pm and they wasted no time to get started.

Huge Pantry!!

They drilled a hole for the oven fan duct. I lose some cupboard space in order to have continuity on the look from the outside.

My brother worked on the piping. The pipe fitter friend told him how to complete it when the cabinets came in. Except for the pipe glue on the carpet which he found out is impossible to remove, and the surprised "crap turn the water off quick" episode, it looks great!

Wow! The cabinets are lookin snazzy!!
They were here until past 7pm. That's a lot of hours for just a three-member team. But they were hard working and courteous. My brother is still wondering if we were supposed to give them a tip when they left, but I feel like it's like construction work and you don't normally tip a contractor do you? I have no idea. This is my first time!

So here's the kitchen so far:

My brother put a piece of gypsum there to serve as a temporary counter.

YES! the pantry is as tall as it looks. It's gonna be a tower of food!

After all the construction, they were quite dusty inside and out. I spent about 30 minutes wiping down what I could reach. Tomorrow I'll be on a stool trying to reach the top parts of the upper cabinets.

It's really hard to see in the picture, because I took the pictures after dark (and because I'm still trying to learn how to be a photographer), but the wall colour matches the cabinets really nicely. I'm quite happy about it.

The quartz countertop is expected to come in about a week from now. So our homework until then... GET THE TILING DONE!  *sigh*

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