Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting Grout Done

Yes it's true! The grout was done today. Solomon our contractor came by and grouted the floor with my brother. Yes, our first tiling experience means some of the tiling is less than perfect.

But the grouting definitely lessens the flaws.

Thing is, I think the grout ended up being slighting whiter than what my brother expected. But you know what? I'm okay with it!

What's left for construction?

Solomon installed the sink and the dishwasher today (both big problems for us as a result of the cabinet company we used. More on that later.)

So now the next step will be for us to do another cleaning of the haze of grout still left on the tiles, some sealer to protect it from liquids, and the baseboards.

I will need to do some wall touch up after but really not that much.

Oh and pendant light outlets in the ceiling have to be placed in the right spots and the ceiling re-boarded with drywall.

Oh, and the exhaust duct from the hood fan still needs to be installed.

Then after that, the appliances move in! No, wait...

I have to get the splash wall done behind the sink before we can start using water. The last thing I want is water rolling down the cabinets where I can't wipe them!

Arg, which means I have to go pick out 4-inch high splash tile to so along the wall where it meets the counter.

Oh and there's no exit piping yet from the sink. Peter the pipe fitter is coming back to install that part.

And I still have to cut the cork to fit the cupboards as a non-slip surface since I don't want to bother with contact paper.

My head is spinning... so many little things here and there still to do... important things. So important that they have to be done before I start cooking in the kitchen!

I had hoped we could get this kitchen done by last Thursday, but this is how it is just as I was made aware of from the beginning. Always delays....ALWAYS. The sad thing is, by the time the kitchen is set up and everything is wiped down and all the kitchen items (plates, cups, utensils) have been thoroughly washed, I will be leaving on my cruise to California (I leave this Sunday). So I will have to enjoy the kitchen when I get back.

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