Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Flooring Attempt #2

Well my brother and I have managed to get over the less than stellar result of the self-leveling concrete. But it wasn't a total ship wreck. So instead of doing a complete do-over, my brother has figured out where the low spots are in the floor with a bubble ruler and we filled those spots in.

I'm not sure what's up with these bubbles from our first attempt. They just magically appeared after about 12 hours.

At this point, I'm willing to shrug my shoulders and say, "Well, hopefully the cork underlay will forgive us for this and hide it. Oh how I hate tiled floors.

After looking at a lot of videos, we figured that the consistency of the concrete wasn't watery enough. So we took a deep breath and decided not to follow the exact measurements on the bag. After all, you are supposed to have at least 10 minutes to move the concrete around, and last time we poured they suggested consistency, we had maybe only 1 minute at the most to work with the concrete.

It was higher maintenance than just letting it flow on its own, because we can't let the edges bevel because of the water inside the concrete. So we used trowels to smooth out the edges. If they continued moving, it meant it was still leveling that part. If it stopped, then we stopped smoothing on that edge.

I know it doesn't look it, but it is actually level. You can slide around on it all you want -- it's smoooooth. Well, except for those little bumps I showed earlier. 

Well the floor at the moment looks like a patchwork gone wrong. But actually it is leveled now!  My brother said he forgot two parts so he is going to attempt to use mortar to level it so that we don't have to open yet another bag of expensive self-leveling concrete.

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