Friday, September 6, 2013


Unlike much of the other decisions that I've made where I have poured over idea after idea after idea with my brother in hours of discussion, the paint colour was decided before the renovation even started. When I first moved into the house I had bought about $500 worth of paint to repaint certain rooms in the house. I forced myself to do this before the move, despite how tired I was, because I knew, the best time to do it was before the furniture is moved in. And I guess I paid the toll, literally.

Unfortunately, I bought too much of one of the colours, and since this was Benjamin Moore Aura paint (the rolls royce of paints) priced at $75 per gallon on sale, I decided no matter what, this would be the kitchen colour.

The colour is Benjamin Moore's Butter Cream (CC-260). The ironic thing is, I think this is the kind of colour that a lot of people would love on their walls. It really is a beautiful lush colour, and fits the kitchen nicely. However, it's not exactly my taste and was meant to only be used on an accent wall in one of the bedrooms. Oh well, now it's my kitchen wall colour too.

You can also see that there was minimal taping to be done. What a nice bonus!

You may also have noticed that the painting looks unfinished. This is because I only painted the portion that would be showing. This is what I mean:

Okay enough break. I'm off to finish the second coat, and the painting will be done!  woot!

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