Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Found a Console Table To Make!

So for those of you not aware of Ana White's Webpage, it is especially designed for women who want to learn how to build their own furniture, and it is seriously cool! I'm totally revved up for trying some of the plans, and even coming up with my own. I always have very specific ideas of what I'd like to make for unique places in my home and it's nice to finally own a place where I can freely install those unique items for myself!

So if you recall, there is one portion of the kitchen that I did not have Vancouver Cabinets installed, mostly because we thought we would need the keep the costs down, and also, because my idea of what to do there is so specific that it would be better if I built what I needed.

It an extra workspace/bench along the east side of the kitchen.

My plan is to create an extra workspace where I can store my various recycle boxes and trash can underneath. Here in BC, many cites, especially the larger cities, are requiring citizens to recycle. If recyclables are found in the regular trash, it doesn't get picked up. This is fine with me since I have always been an advocate for recycling more than just soda cans and bottles for a refund. Containers and paper trash is mostly accumulated in the kitchen, so that's where I prefer the bins to be.

Today I was sent this in my email from

and I thought HOW PERFECT! I can make this! I will just not include the middle shelf, or as my brother suggested, remove the middle shelf from just one side. It will fit my recycling bins perfectly! Can't wait until the kitchen reno is done so I can get to all the goody crafts like this one! (I'm in desperate need of a spice rack with this new kitchen arrangement.)

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