Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EUREKA! I've Figured Out My Splash Wall

So if you recall, I have been struggling with trying to do something unique with my splash wall.  Basically I want to turn it into message board where I can hang up stuff like a calendar, or notes to myself, or a recipe I want to try.

A picture I saw in a magazine gave me the idea. They use burlap here as a covering

Well I searched around and burlap is so ridiculously cheap. But I researched into the properties and nothing assures me that this could be free from bacteria or odors. So that was out the window.

Then I came across marmoleum.

You can buy them full wall size and they are both tackable and self-healing. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can be cleaned when needed. But when I saw the $2600 price tag on that, that was out the window too.

I honestly was thinking, maybe this is something that cannot be done. Maybe that's why no one has it.

Then I came across a product called MagTack from in California.

I talked to a sales rep named Ed who promptly sent me a sample of the material. It's thin, it's light, and uses magnets to hold stuff up, although I need to get rare earth magnets to make sure it's strong enough. No problem! I headed to one of my favorite places on the net, and bought myself a bunch in a few sizes!

But I still was left with the problem of the covering. Afterall, I didn't want to put the MagTack up as is... it just looks like a big magnetic sheet. The splash wall is where I insert my creativity, my character, my style!

Then Solomon our contractor, in one quick second, offered a solution -- WALLPAPER!

Why didn't I think of that!? Brilliant! I have emailed Ed to get his opinion on how wallpaper would hold up on MagTack. My suspicion is that it will be just fine.

I promptly went researching different kinds of wall paper, and found some that are both meant for the kitchen (washable and durable) AND some that even look kind of like tile! I have ordered some samples from Graham & Brown and am excited to see the possibilities.

Here's what I chose:

And how about this neat idea from Home Depot!

I could paper over the MagTack with this and then paint it the same colour as the original wall colour! How cool is that!

I am genuinely hoping this is going to work. If it does, I will be so excited!

I am also planning to put the MagTack directly on the side of the pantry. And that I can definintely cover with fabric since it is far enough away from the food preparation area.

Just imagine. A floor-to-ceiling "wall" that is fully magnetic to post up pictures, notes, maybe some proverb to remind me to be happy, or pictures... the list is endless!

So I guess it's time to visit the local fabric store to see what the have! So excited!!!

Oh and the total cost to buy 24 feet of this MagTack in rolls... around $156 USD. Very affordable.

Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner!!

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